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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Project 3: My Little Runaway and reflection

Black-and-white makes everything darker, because all color falls into shadow.

Which is why I wanted to make it black-and-white. What I did in class was, I felt, not creepy enough. Also, because I used the camera on my computer, I was able to see my face while filming, so I had a better idea of what I was doing. Better placement of the glare from the screen, for example.

I decided to make the piece completely silent because sound -- any sound -- can affect the mood of a piece. Movies are well-known for using music to set a mood. I wanted the viewer to focus on the image.

I'm not going to explain the title.


  1. I loveee your piece, Eve! It was simple and powerful just the way it is. You mentioned in class that you actually planned to include sound in the performance but I think nothing would have worked better than the sound of silence so that we have nothing else to focus on but your facial expression. At first, I thought your piece was inspired by the Television Watching by Valie Export but to show your expression when sitting at a computer instead of a TV. But the piece went on a completely different direction. Honestly, looking at you trying to hold your smiling/screaming face was really terrifying. In short, your performance got the audience completely from the beginning to the end. You made me realized that the more simple the performance is, the less room you have for mistake! Great job!

  2. I really enjoyed your work, especially the reaction that we, as an audience had. At the beginning, I had no idea what you were going to do. Then as you slowly moved your face into a smile, it made me laugh. But then, when your face turned into a silent scream, I became a little scared. I thought that you were actually going to scream really loudly, so I prepared myself for that, but it never happened. Tricky! Your piece was very simple, but it kept me very intrigued. It made me think about how many muscles that the face uses and how normally those muscles move quickly. By slowing the movements down, you had to think about them and sort of "become one" with the movements of your body. It made you become aware of your body. At least that's what I would have been thinking about, if I were to reenact your piece. It definitely reminded me of Bruce Nauman work. But, it also reminded me of Gilbert and George's "living sculptures", especially "The Red Sculpture", where they moved very slowly into different positions.

  3. goodness is this pretty much the creepiest most awesome piece. it really is powerful in its simplicity. watching you try to control your facial muscles in that manner we all know is incredibly difficult but what is awesome about it is it is subtley difficult. it was also subtle watching you perform. it really took me a minute to understand what was going on. i think you could improve upon it by using some form of spotlight instead of your computer as well as of course, trying to go even slower. well done eve, i have enjoyed all your work so far.